Tommy Emmanuel CD  
 Tommy Emmanuel VIDEO&Books


● In Concert - Video Part 1 (VHS)(run time: 60-min) ※
1. Lettrell Thinking
2. Blue Moon
3. Borsalino
4. Mombasa
5. That's The Spirit
6. I've Always Thought Of You
7. Guitar Boogie
8. Amazing Grace
9. Classical Gas
10. Independence - guitar lesson
11. Windy & Warm
12. Just An Old Fashioned Love Song
13. Medley: Day Tripper / Taste Of Honey / Lady Madonna

● In Concert - Video Part 2 (VHS)(run time: 54-min)※
1. Those Who Wait
2. Mona Lisa
3. Initiation
4. Biskie
5. Michelle
6. Dixie McGuire
7. The Hunt
8. Waltzing Matilda
9. Saltwater
10. Imagine
11. Train To Dusseldorf

Acoustic guitar によるLIVE。DVDは両方まとめて収録。

● Guitar Talk(PAL)

Electric guitarも出てくるinstructional video。

●Up Close(PAL)

Acoustic guitarによるinstructional video。
●Good Vibrations - a concert for marc hunter
Double-CD AUS Cool Change marc01 1998
Video AUS Cool Change marc01V 1998
Tommy Emmanuel/Jack Jones Nothing To Lose
Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Medley (Magic/Are You Old Enough)

■Television performance record of Japan.
●Sydney Olympic - Closing ceremony 2000
NHK-National broadcasting.

●MC Country - Tommy Emmanuel Story. 2001
SKY PerfecTV-271Channel。

●Tommy Emmanue Only

●Tommy Emmanue Solo Guitar Style(Australia盤-No-CD)
 Tommy Emmanue Solo Guitar Style(USA盤-with CD)※

Tom's Thmb ベース音の練習
Freight Train チェットがよく弾いた曲
Trambone チェットの曲
Windy & Warm
Limehouse Blues
Dixie McGuire
Since We Met
Cascading Harmonics
Up From Down Under
A Taste Of Honey
Blue Moon
Day Tripper / Lady Madonna


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